elefantkvinnan editions
conduo orchestra

“A calm Saturday afternoon, I am still trying to catch my breath. Yesterday was the day when everything finally fell apart.
I had just travelled from one Swedish town to another and while I was in sitting in a room in the company of friends, I was completely alone.
Moments or hours later I find us all in a bedroom. On the bed sits a dark haired beauty strumming an acoustic guitar. The music is random but astonishing, and it manages to create one of those very rare moments that stay with you forever.
Seated in a sofa later that same afternoon, the dark haired beauty turns to me and asks: "Have you heard Conduo Orchestra?" "No, I have not", I reply. The music starts playing. For the first time in ages, I am feeling quite comfortable. It is unbelievable.

This is the story of my first encounter with the music of Conduo Orchestra. As far as I know, this record might be yours.

With love,
Minnie Monnie, ghostwriter.”

Conduo Orchestra are Astrid, Hakoton, Johan and Kristofer. Recorded in Malmö with love+rhythm.

this is karini #7. elefantkvinnan editions 2006.

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