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august 23, 2006: due to changing servers/domain names etc. (and, admittedly, a few other things), this webpage has been poorly updated for some time. we are hoping to change that right now. starting with the release of karini #7, CONDUO ORCHESTRA. this release is finally available for purchase online. read and see more here. email elefantkvinnan@gmail.com to order. 40 SEK (+ 5 SEK postage within sweden). more excitement should follow shortly.

july 15: karini #1, #2 and #3 are close to being sold out, just a week after the release. good times. we will be repressing them soon though, so do not worry.

in not so great news, the swedish post office has made us change the shipping charges involved when purchasing elefantkvinnan series #1. it is now 22 SEK (for all forthcoming orders, that is.) sorry about that.

and we must say that we are extremely excited about the coming elefantkvinnan releases...you will not be disappointed. that's a promise.


elefantkvinnan is run by gustav rosengren (lady godiva operations) and viktor sj÷berg (structures sonores).

elefantkvinnan will be releasing high quality recordings on biz-card cd-r. this format is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also confronts the artists with the hopefully stimulating time limit of five minutes (or 50 MB).

more information and ordering instructions should follow shortly.

contact elefantkvinnan here.

if you would like to keep yourself informed on the activities of elefantkvinnan, please enter your email address in the box below.

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