elefantkvinnan editions
Ordering instructions.
Send your orders to elefantkvinnan@gmail.com. Bank transfers is the standard procedure for now. Cash orders are also cool. (In a little while you will be able to order Elefantkvinnan releases by using PayPal.)

1 biz-card cd-r: 40 SEK / 4.5 EURO.

elefantkvinnan series number 1 (karini #1, #2 & #3 packaged together in a somewhat classy envelope): 120 SEK / 12.5 EURO.

Sweden: 5 SEK per biz-card cd-r / 15 SEK per "series package". Shipping for international customers will be kindly & individually calculated.

The Elefantkvinnan Special Friend Deal:
As a special friend of Elefantkvinnan you get the 12 first releases in your mailbox as they are released. This is probably the safest way to go if you want to make sure to catch every single Elefantkvinnan release.
The price of this deal is 450 SEK INCLUDING POSTAGE! (Sweden only, International customers please ask!). Act now.